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Jana Horn is a fiction writer and musician loosely based in Texas. Her music has been described by friends as "literary" and "stripped-down pop," and by non-friends as "haunting." Her platform is that no woman should receive that adjective again (rock the vote!) and that good art is honest. "Optimism," her debut album, will hit the fan... soon. For fans of The Breeders, Broadcast and Sibylle Baier. Keep the mind clear!   

Having toured for several years fronting the band Reservations, as a member of Knife in the Water, and as a hired gun for others, Jana has returned to the deconstructed path with Adam Jones (Deep Time/Yellow Fever) playing drums and singing along. Their cassette release “Go on/Move your body” was a dream. They are looking into retirement plans as we speak… a nice horse ride… something “real”… for once…